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27 2004 The participation of the saints in Mary's Coredemption as source of reconciliation and unity St. Lidwina; St. Josaphat; St. Leopold Mandic; Bl. Peter Paul Gojdich, Bishop Necsey; Bl. Alojzije Stepinac; St. Pierre-Louis-Marie Chanel; St. Alexander Sauli; St. Edith Stein; St. Edmund Campion; Bl. J. H. Newman; Bl. Maria Gabriella dell'Unità, Elisaveta Feodorovna; St. Maria Goretti; St. John Paul II.
28 2004 Proclaim the Gospel to all the Nations Fr. Anton Sepp
29 2004 The Heart of the Redeemer is open to all St. Bonaventure; St. Catherine of Siena; St. Francis of Sales; St. Margaret M. Alacoque; St. Veronica Giuliani; St. Teresa M. Redi; St. Francesca Cabrini; Bl. Mary Deluil Martiny; L. M. Claret de la Touche; Bl. Conchita of Mexico; Bl. M. Drosde of Vischering; Fr. John B. Reus; St. Faustina; Andre Levet
31 2005 Mothers for Priests Bl. Alessandrina da Costa; Cardinal von Cues; Bishop von Ketteler; Eliza Vaughan; Bl. Maria Deluil Martiny; Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche; Maria Sieler; Bl. Conchita of Mexico; Berthe Petit
32 2005 Let everything that breathes praise the Lord St. Francis; St. Anthony of Padua; Bl. Jordan of Saxon; Bl. Sebastian of Aparicio; St. Madre Laura; Columba Schonath; St. Francis Xavier; St. Seraphim of Sarov; Bl. Rafael Guízar Valenzia
33 2005 Joseph of the House of David St. Herman Joseph; Anna Maria Josefa Lindmayr; St. Bernadette; Fr. Dominic Ringeisen; St. Frances Cabrini; Bl. André Bessette; Bl. Mary Teresa Tauscher; Bl. Charles de Foucauld
43 2008 The Mission - Part I
44 2008 The Mission - Part II
45 2008 The Mission - Part III
48 2009 Convert and Believe in the Gospel Bl. Zdenka Schelingova; Sergei Kourdakov
49 2009 All Things Work for Good for Those who Love God St. Patrick; Jacopone da Todi; Eric Liddell; St. Josefine Bakhita; Mother Angelica
53 2010 The Priest and the Mother of a Priest St. Maximilian Kolbe; Eugene Hamilton; St. John Eudes; Fr. Anton Sepp; Bl. Charles de Foucauld; St. Anna Schäfer; Maria Sieler; Alojzije Cardinal Stepinac; Maria Bordoni
54 2010 The Priest and the Mother of a Priest - Part II Jean Jacques Olier; Francis Reinish; Yvonne Aimée de Malestroit; Luigina Sinapi; Briege McKenna; St. Therese of the Infant Jesus; Audrey Stevenson
55 2011 You are light in the World
56 2011 The Love of Christ impels us St. Vincent de Paul; St. Joseph Benedict Cottolengo; Bl. Maria Euthymia; Mother Teresa
58 2011 Prayer: The Key to God´s Heart Bl. Marie-Alphonsine of the Holy Rosary; Cardinal Van Thuan; St. Maria Bernarda Butler; St. Padre Pio
59 2012 The True Light Came into the World Edith Stein
60 2012 In Your Presence, O Lord Br. Lawrence of the Resurrection; Bl. Mother Teresa; Bl. Elizabeth of the Holy Trinity; Br. Kostka
61 2012 Precious Blood St. Norbert of Xanten; St. Juliana; St. Padre Pio; JP II and Civitavecchia
62 2012 Faith leads us to Surrender, Surrender leads us to Life Alphonse Ratisbonne; Ss. Felicity and Perpetua; St. John Nepomucene Neumann; Cassie Bernall
63 2013 O Holy Night St. Therese of Lisieux; Paul Claudel
64 2013 Console and be Consoled Sr. Consolata Betrone; Mother Macaria
65 2013 Faith carries us Claude Newman; Elizabeth Leseur; Richard Wurmbrand
66 2013 Purification through God's Love St. Catherine of Genoa; St. John M. Vianney; Maria Simma; Paul Joseph Buguet
67 2014 Faith in Christ changes our Lives St. Louis Marie de Montfort; The 26 martyrs from Nagasaki; Bl. Mother Teresa; Chiara Corbella
68 2014 Suffering that turns to Blessing St. Matrona; Manuel Lozano Garrido; Jacqueline de Decker
69 2014 The Greatest of These is Love Bl. Maria Rafols; Fr. Paul of Moll; Ania Goledzinovska
70 2014 Mary, Star of Evangelization St. John Bosco; Bl. Mother Teresa; Edel Mary Quinn
71 2015 Thankfulness - The Key to Happiness St. Felix of Cantalice; St.Nicholas
72 2015 A Priestly Nation St. Nicholas from Flue; St. Louis and Zélie Martin; Conchita of Mexico; Marthe Robin; Carla Ronci; Fra Immacolato Brienza
73 2015 All Praise and Adoration St. John Paul II; St. Benedict Labre; St. M. Michaela of the Most Holy Sacrament
74 2015 Go into the whole World Fr. Bonfilius Wagner; Fr. Daniel-Ange; Fr. Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine
75 2016 Born of the Blessed Virgin Mary
76 2016 Jesus is alive Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger; Bl. Miguel Pro; Bl. Anacleto G. Flores; Bl. José Sanchés del Río; Torsten Hartung; Joseph Fadelle
77 2016 Trust St. Pascal Baylon; St. Margareta of the Blessed Sacrament; Benigna Consolata Ferrero; Madre Laura; St. Maximilian Kolbe
78 2016 Put on the Armor of God St. Michael the Archangel; St. Don Bosco; St. Padre Pio
79 2017 Conquering sin through the power of the Holy Spirit St. John Paul II; St. Peter Chanel;Cardinal Van Thuan; Bl. Anna Maria Taigi; Bl. Elisabetta Canori Mora; St. Leopold Mandic; St. Josaphat Kuntsevych; St. Clemens Maria Hofbauer; Bl. Charles de Foucauld; St. Faustina; St. Anthony of the Desert
80 2017 Mary is always with us Marian apparitions; St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother; Marian testimonies
81 2017 Mercy in our missions Testimonies from our missions
82 2017 And they turned to the Lord Ivan Moiseyev; James Joseph Tissot; Alessandra di Rudini-Carlotti; Wilson López; Mutsuko Clare Gokan and Julio Bardi; Anton Overmars; Carlo the Beggar; Gaurav Shroff
83 2018 A Child, our Savior! St. Mother Teresa; St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori; Sr. Josefa Menendez
84 2018 Salvation is in the Cross St. Helen; Fr. Aleksey Metshov; Luisa Piccarret; Bl. Vladimir Ghika; Bl. Gianna Beretta Molla; Fr. Hernán Jiménez; Cardinal Van Thuân; Ioann Krestiankin
85 2018 Through Him, with Him and in Him Fr. Anton Trauner; Fr. Filip Maria Antonin Stajner; Fr. Gerhard Sievers
86 2018 I promise to be faithful to you in good times and in bad Bl. Ladislaus Batthyány-Strattmann; St. John Paul II
87 2019 Guardian Angel St. Lidwina of Schiedam; St. Catherine Laboure; Mechthild Thaller-Schonwerth; Giuseppina Berettoni; Fr. Johann Eduard Lamy; St. Faustina; Cecy Cony, Sr. Maria Antonia; St. P. Pio
88 2019 Forgiveness and Reconciliation St. Stanislaus Kostka; Dr. Takashi Nagai; Fr. León Armijos; Fr. Ciril Čuš
89 2019 Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven Bl. Eusebia Palomino; Johann Sebastian Bach; Fr. Probo Vaccarini
90 2019 Heaven Is Our True Homeland St. Don Bosco; St. Dominik Savio; St. Thérèse of Lisieux; St. Elizabeth of the Holy Trinity; St. Maximilian Kolbe; St.Josefine Bakhita; St. P. Pio; Father Dolindo Ruotolo; Mother Teresa; St. Clelia Barbieri; St. Francisco and Jacinta; St. Rafael Arnáis Baron; St. Faustina
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